Marang Quad Biking

Hotel guests

30 minutes       –        R 200.00

1 hour                 –       R 350.00

Day visitors

30 minutes        –      R 300.00

1 hour                  –     R 450.00

Our quadbike rides are done on brand new Linhai Rustler 300 cc utility quadbikes. Ideal for beginners and for families. We do not race on the quads, it is a safe, guided
experience for persons who wants to experience the bush in an exciting way. The track goes onto gravel roads which goes all around the Royal Marang campus. Kids
ages 3 and older can join their parents.

2 Guests can be on one quad as long as their combined weight does not exceed 170 kg. Cost is R200 per person (driver) if the driver is a hotel staying guest plus R100 per
person riding with on the same bike. (Child or adult)

A cash deposit of R500 per person is required on the day, this is refunded in full on the day if the bikes are returned after the ride without any damage.

Combined weight of 2 persons per quad may not exceed 170 kg. If the combined weight exceeds this, separate quads per person will have to be booked. * No one under
the age of 16 are allowed to drive the quad alone. *No one under the influence of alcohol will be allowed to drive, and if you have booked and paid , you do not get refunded
in the case that you consumed alcohol and forfeit your ride. * No racing, wheelies, spinning etc is allowed.

Guests not adhering to rules, will be asked to get off the vehicle immediately and no refunds will be given. * The quadbikes are extremely expensive and ANY damage to the
quad bike, will be for the clients account. Please note it is like renting a car. * If any clients do not adhere to the rules and speed of the guide, the guide has the right to stop the
activity immediately and the client will not be able to proceed